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Scheduled within the OPEN DAYS 2012 initiative, a three-day conference and workshop will be convened in November 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain. This will be hosted by The Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento (Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Urbanism, in cooperation with the City of Zaragoza, Red Aragón 7PM, the Government of Aragon, European Regions Research and Innovation Network(ERRIN),the Committee of the Regions (EU) and European Commission.

This event will include a conference devoted to examine the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership Program launched by the European Commission and their potential to reinforce the process towards smarter cities in an European context.

High level EU officials and representatives from different outstanding projects and best practices will participate in this conference. A walkshop to meet some of the key people of the Zaragoza innovation ecosystem and the new facilities designed to accelerate the transition towards a true knowledge economy will complete this Future Internet – PPP event.

After this conference, a highly specialized workshop (only by invitation) will focus on the issue of “Open place-making: A new paradigm for citizen enablement”: How citizens do, and could use open source and open innovation strategies, social media, real-time data streams, and digital technology to make and use the physical and virtual public environments in their city, their neighborhoods and their personal space. The NCC 2012 workshop is the fourth in a series that engages a network of leaders of New Century City development projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. These projects promote advanced industry clusters, fostering new forms of 21st century work and life. They use planning processes and organizational alliances designed for the transformative and unpredictable times that have marked the first decades of the century.
The conference and workshop will be part of the launch program for the Etopia Center for Art and Technology. This center is the flagship institution of Zaragoza’s Milla Digital (Digital Mile) a new urban district for creativity and innovation in one of Europe’s oldest and most dynamic cities. Located in magnificent new facilities at the gateway to the city, Etopia is a catalyst and accelerator for open innovation ecosystems, gathering citizens, entrepreneurs, students, artists, businesses and social innovators into a global center for digital place-making and entrepreneurship.

Participants in the conference and /or the workshop will have the opportunity to visit Milla Digital facilities and discuss about the impact of this kind of infrastructures in promoting open innovation and solutions for smarter cities.

Organized by ETOPIA Center for Art & Technology, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FZC Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento
Sponsored by Telefónica, Veolia, Siemens


José-Carlos Arnal (Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation) josecarlosarnal@zaragoza.es

Michael L. Joroff (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) mljoroff@mit.edu

List of participants

ALVAREZ, Ricardo (GUADALAJARA, Mexico / ProMexico)
ARNAL, José Carlos (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento)
CAVERO, Ricardo (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Milla Digital)
FERNÁNDEZ-GES, Andrés (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Universidad de Zaragoza)
GIL, Javier (MADRID, Spain / IBM)
GOOD, David (CAMBRIDGE, UK / University of Cambridge)
HALINEN, Kari (HELSINKI, Finland / Arabianranta - Art and Design City Helsinki Ltd.)
HAYWOOD, Paul (SALFORD, UK / Community activist, Salford University)
HEMMENT, Drew (MANCHESTER, UK / Future Everything, Lancaster University)
KIM, Donyun (SEOUL, Korea / Digital Media City – Sung Kyun Kwan University)
MACDONALD, Richard (SALFORD, UK / Goldsmiths University)
McARDLE, Kathy (SALFORD, UK / Salford Quays Public Partnership)
MONCLUS, Javier (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Universidad de Zaragoza)
MONEO, Pedro (MADRID, Spain / MIT Technology Review – Opinno)
ORTEGA, Juan (MEDELLIN, Colombia/ Ruta N)
PEDROL, Ricardo (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento)
PRADAS, Juan (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Milla Digital)
RATTI, Carlo (BOSTON, USA / MIT Senseable City Lab)
RINCÓN, Francisco (MADRID, Spain / Siemens One)
ROJAS, Francisca (BUENOS AIRES , Argentina / MIT – Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo)
SANAL, Alexis (ISTAMBUL Turkey)
SARASA, Daniel (ZARAGOZA, Spain / Milla Digital)
SEVTSUK, Andres (SINGAPORE / Senseable City Lab, University of Singapore)
TOMAS, Fernando (Spain / IDOM Ingeniería)
TUFFS, Richard (BRUSSELS, Belgium / Director of ERRIN (European Regions R&I Network)
VAGGIONE, Pablo (MADRID, Spain / Design Convergence)

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